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USDA subsidized Livestock Risk Protection (LRP), Livestock Gross Margin (LGM), and ASF insurance.

AA5F33 Livestock - Mature 260lb market ready hogs in a modern hog confinement facility / Central Iowa, USA.

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Get affordable ASF insurance.


Insure against market price declines.


Protect against loss of gross margin.

We work with you. Coverage is available for pig owners and contract growers, at any point in the life cycle from farrow to finish.

Stockguard’s ASFGuard insurance indemnifies your expected revenues and operating expenses if an ASF outbreak is detected at your facility, giving you financial support to repopulate and reestablish your flows.

Policy periods are typically 12 months, with coverage duration options available from 3 to 12 months, with Indemnity guaranteed for a minimum of 3 months.

How does it work? Pricing is based on your operation’s risk profile and the sum insured. For the majority of producers, under $0.50 per head.

Stockguard's clear trigger and payment structure ensure a fast response in the event of an outbreak.

Upon detection of ASF leading to a government-mandated cull order, payments will begin immediately, covering your expected revenue and operating expenses.

Protect against a decline in hog prices with Livestock Risk Protection (LRP). 

LRP insurance provides the flexibility to choose from a variety of coverage levels and insurance periods that match your farm's market timing needs.

How does it work? At the end of your insurance period, if the actual ending value is below the coverage price, an indemnity will be paid for the difference. Annual limit is 150,000 hogs per producer for each crop year.

Protect against loss of gross margin with Livestock Gross Margin (LGM). 

LGM insurance protects against a decrease in hog market prices and an increase in feed costs in one bundle. Livestock Gross Margin (crush margin) = Lean Hog Price Value - Cost of Corn - Cost of Soybean Meal. 

How does it work? Producers can now purchase coverage weekly instead of monthly with premiums due at the end of the policy period. There are no limits to the number of hogs covered. 

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