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LGM Portal Walkthrough


Stockguard’s portal makes getting started with LGM easy.

Create a free account for our portal with your name, email, and password, or you can sign up using your Google Account. 

When you access the portal, click LGM Quote to begin viewing real-time coverage prices and market values.

Begin building your LGM quote by selecting either cattle or swine, then choose the best fit for your commodity type.

Enter your deductible coverage per head after the coverage period ends, and set your headcount per marketing month. 

Note that you must prove ownership of your livestock and market them for two months to benefit from the USDA’s subsidy.  

If you plan on marketing your cattle in February, you’ll put 1 in January and the total number of head in February. 

Hit calculate to see the rates.

You’ll see the Expected Gross Margin for the months you’re insuring and the per head cost.

When using LGM, it’s important to understand that you’re buying a gross margin guarantee. Your gross margin is the market value of your herd, minus the costs of feeder cattle and feed. 

This means that you’re protected against the rise of corn prices, the rise of feeder cattle costs, and the decline of live cattle prices. 

Our scenario analysis tool lets you view how a change in market prices will affect your gross margin. LGM guarantees your minimum expected gross margin. If changing market prices cause your end value to drop below your expected gross margin, you’ll receive an indemnity that covers the difference. 

When you’re happy with your quote, simply click Order. 

It’s that easy! Get started with LGM today by visiting