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Risk management can be confusing.

Stockguard’s portal makes managing risks easy so you can focus on what matters most.

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Stockguard provides solutions that guarantee a minimum price return on your animals. View our price risk solutions to learn more.

What is:

Livestock Risk Protection (LRP)

Livestock Gross Margin (LGM)


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Our portal was designed by producers, for producers, to make risk management simple, transparent, and affordable. Create a free account to begin viewing coverage prices and market positions in real-time. Learn how you can protect your operation in less than a minute!

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How to insure your livestock easily

Tell us more about yourself, and we’ll come up with a tailored plan that puts money back in your operation.

Who wants a long application? Not us! We’ll help you fill out a short application so you can start protecting your operation sooner rather than later.

Execute! Track and manage your risk management through our easy to use, simple portal.

Stockguard's Portal

Our portal makes risk management simple, transparent, and affordable. With our real-time monitoring tools, you can track and manage your coverage plans and USDA market positions on your own, or with one of our agents.

The Stockguard difference

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