Livestock Risk Protection (LRP) from

Prepare and Protect Your Operation from Declines in Livestock Prices

Stockguard’s Livestock Risk Protection (LRP) makes it easier than ever for farmers and ranchers to guard their livelihoods from volatile market prices.

Administered by the USDA, LRP allows you to set a floor selling price for your livestock by the head. 

This coverage is especially important in the current climate, where unexpected price declines have happened due to livestock disease outbreaks, drought, industry facility disruptions, and COVID-19.

Benefits of Livestock Risk Protection from Stockguard
  • Hedging by the head

    Compared to futures and options, LRP has no quantity minimum, which means you can get coverage for one animal up to thousands of animals in one policy.

  • Flexibility

    Additionally, LRP provides the policyholder with flexibility in the timing of purchase and length of coverage as well as the coverage price level. LRP also allows you to choose a target weight of the livestock at the end of coverage.

  • Simplicity

    There won't be any shocks to your cash flow. With LRP, there are no margin calls, and your premium is due when your animals are marketed.

  • Innovation

    Stockguard brings innovation to the agriculture industry with our risk management portal. You have the ability to order, manage, and track your coverage all in one location.

  • Simple. Affordable. Transparent. Stockguard.

  • Many cattle producers use LRP in conjunction with Livestock Gross Margin (LGM) coverage, which is also proudly offered by Stockguard.

Why Choose Stockguard for LRP?
  • Cattle markets are volatile, and when they drop below your coverage price, LRP covers the difference. 
  • Stockguard agents will help you quickly set up LRP with a short form so you can begin executing trades immediately.
  • When you choose Stockguard, you’re choosing a simple, affordable and transparent plan. 
  • Stockguard offers our clients an online dashboard where they can execute and track USDA livestock insurance positions in real-time. 

Risk Management Made Simple

Stockguard offers our beef-producing clients an online dashboard where they can execute and track USDA livestock insurance positions in real time. 

Get real-time monitoring and instantly submit coverage orders from one login with Stockguard. 

Take the Next Step. Protect Your Operations

The security of your bottom line is at stake, and Stockguard is ready to help. Request a quote today, and your Stockguard representative will reach out to you.