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Dairy Cattle Mortality Insurance

Accidents, weather disasters, and theft are only several of the risks that can endanger your dairy cows. We’re pleased to offer insurance solutions through Markel Livestock Consortium, to help protect your operation if a disaster occurs.

Choose from our insurance packages to insure your herd against losses such as:

  • Extreme weather events 
  • Contaminated feed and water
  • Accidental external injury
  • Disease

Choose Your Coverage Tier

We offer three coverage tiers to help you select a plan that meets your budget and risk profile.

  • Fire, lightning, explosion, and smoke resulting from these events
  • Earthquake and subterranean fire flood
  • Other extreme weather conditions including flood, windstorm, and hail
  • Objects falling from aircraft or other aerial devices
  • Collision or overturning of the road vehicle in which the animal is being conveyed other than collision with vehicles owned or operated by or in the use, custody or control of you, your employees or agents
  • Falling trees
  • Contaminated feed and water
Tier 1
  • All of Bronze Tier
  • Smothering as a result of a blizzard or snowstorm
  • Accidental external injury
  • Theft
  • Road transit
Tier 2
  • All of Bronze and Silver Tier
  • Disease
  • Heat stress
  • Debris removal
  • Government slaughter following foot and mouth disease, brucellosis, and anthrax
Tier 3