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Protect Your Feedlot

Managing risk can be confusing, complicated, and unpredictable. Where do you start? What are your options?

It’s easier than ever to get insurance for the cattle in your feedlot. Support the future of your feedlot operation with solutions from Stockguard.

Cattle feedlots have enough challenges with market volatility, and they play an essential role in the American economy. That’s why Stockguard proudly provides solutions for beef feedlot producers to ensure the financial viability of their operations as the market changes. 

Our livestock insurance solutions allow you to focus on what matters most: The health and quality of the cattle on your lot.

To safeguard your operation against a drop in livestock prices or accidental loss, consider our USDA-backed solutions:

  • Livestock Risk Protection (LRP) from Stockguard offers coverage by the head with select target weights. It’s available every business day, and it’s offered at a discount to CME trades.
  • Livestock Gross Margin (LGM) is Stockguard’s margin management solution, offering coverage for marketings by the month. This plan features flexible deductible options, and is also offered at a discount to CME trades.
Livestock Gross Margin
Margin management for beef producers is complicated. Feedlot operations can secure their margins today with LGM from Stockguard. When the price of cattle and the price of corn cause your margins to fall below your guarantee, LGM pays the difference. Stockguard's professional agents are ready to help. After filling out a short form, they will show you how to begin executing trades right away.
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Risk Management Made Simple

Stockguard offers our beef-producing clients an online dashboard where they can execute and track USDA livestock insurance positions in real time. 

Get real-time monitoring and instantly submit coverage orders from one login with Stockguard. 

Take the Next Step Towards Protecting Your Feedlot

The security of your bottom line is at stake, and Stockguard is ready to help. Request a quote today, and your Stockguard representative will reach out to you.

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