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Breakeven Calculator Walkthrough


Stockguard’s Breakeven Calculator makes it easier than ever to keep track of your cash flow and see how much you can spend on calves to break even when you sell your cattle.

To get started, create a free account for our portal with your name, email, and password, or you can sign up using your Google Account.

When you access the portal, click your profile image and then select breakeven calculator.

Choose your operation type from either Feedyard or Backgrounding, then select the date when you’d like to buy calves.

Enter the start weight for your cattle, your target finish weight, the average daily gain, and your cost of gain.

Next, select your desired profit. If you want to calculate a true breakeven without insurance coverage, enter 0. Or, if you know the cost of your LRP premium, enter that value in this section to determine your breakeven with insurance coverage.

Finally, depending on your area, you can enter your basis.

When you’ve finished inputting your information, our breakeven calculator will show you the corresponding CME month that you’ll finish your cattle in, as well as the maximum price that you can pay for calves and the expected cattle sale price based on that trade month and basis.

Once you’re happy with your calculations, click Lock In This Price With LRP to create an LRP policy to secure your bottom line.

It’s that simple! Visit to get started today!