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Getting Started with LRP with Stockguard

There’s no telling what tomorrow’s market may bring. LRP protects your operation against today’s volatile market. 

What is Livestock Risk Protection (LRP)?

LRP is a USDA-administered insurance program that protects your operation against unexpected national market price drops. 

There are many risks that can cause sudden price drops. Producers who fail to insure their livestock against price drops risk losing their profit, and may even be unable to continue farming.

LRP sets a price floor that protects you against sudden price drops when you’re ready to take your herd to market. You’ll still benefit from higher prices if the end value is above your insured cost.

Customize Your Coverage Plan

Your operation has unique needs. Unlike other risk management solutions, LRP is flexible, so you can tailor a plan that best fits your operation. 


  • Insure by the head. LRP has no minimum head limit. LRP contracts are customizable, so you can insure thousands of animals, or as few as one head per policy. 
  • Select your target weight. Choose your projected weight between 100 and 599, or 600 and 1000 pounds. 
  • Set your market date. LRP offers a wide range of endorsement period lengths, so you can customize your coverage to match your market date. Contracts can last for as few as 13 weeks, or as many as 52 weeks. 
  • Pay your premium after going to market. When you choose LRP, you don’t have to worry about margin calls or shocks to your cash flow. 

Risk Management Made Simple

Stockguard makes managing risks simple, transparent, and affordable with our easy-to-use portal. 

When you create a free account, you’ll be able to track and manage market positions in real time, request a quote, or order LRP. 

Why wait any longer? Start protecting your herd with LRP today.