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What is Livestock Risk Protection?

Livestock Risk Protection (LRP) is a USDA-administered insurance program designed to secure your bottom line against today’s volatile market. Its flexible coverage options make it a viable risk management solution for operations of all sizes and production stages, without breaking the bank.

Livestock Risk Protection Overview

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Our portal was designed by producers, for producers, to make risk management simple, transparent, and affordable. Create a free account to begin viewing coverage prices and market positions in real time. Don’t believe us? Watch this video to learn how you can protect your operation in less than a minute!

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What is the difference between LGM and LRP?

Whereas LGM covers the price of the gross margin per head, LRP uses the Chicago Mercantile Exchange’s contract prices to insure the price of sold livestock. While LRP is typically a better fit for cow-calf operations, LGM is the preferred option for most feedlot operations.

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