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The Basics of Livestock Risk Protection

As a livestock producer, you work hard to get your livestock ready for market. However, many risks can cause market prices to drop without warning. Stockguard’s Livestock Risk Protection is here to help you secure your investment against today’s volatile market. 

What is Livestock Risk Protection (LRP)?

LRP is a USDA-administered insurance program that protects your operation against unexpected national market price drops. 

There are many risks that can cause sudden price drops. Producers who fail to insure their livestock against price drops risk losing their profit, and may even be unable to continue farming.

LRP sets a price floor that protects you against sudden price drops when you’re ready to take your herd to market. You’ll still benefit from higher prices if the end value is above your insured cost.

An Accessible Solution

LRP has no minimum head count, making it a viable option for producers of all sizes. Our agents will work with you to tailor an individualized plan that meets your specific needs. 

Get LRP With Stockguard

Our portal makes it easy to get started. 

  • Submit a free application
  • Place an order
  • Rest easier knowing that your operation is secure

Our portal makes risk management simple, transparent, and affordable. With our real-time monitoring tools, you can track and manage your coverage plans and USDA market positions on your own, or with one of our agents. 

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